'Energy-Producing Counties' lobby forming (Feb. 20, 2018)

County Commissioners in Pennsylvania are being courted to join a new organization that promotes the gas and oil industry. Among goals of the Pennsylvania Council of Energy-Producing Counties is to promote fossil fuel production and its related economic development through statewide and national advocacy. Commissioners from many of the counties that are seeing a significant amount of shale gas activity are spearheading the group, which will be formalizing its operations in the coming months.

Representatives from Tioga, Bradford, Jefferson, Clearfield, Lycoming, Sullivan, Wyoming, Lawrence and Mercer attended the group's most recent meeting. McClure Association Consultants has been retained to guide the council's development. Basic elements of its mission statement were agreed upon, including:

  • Promote the energy industry in Pennsylvania.
  • Promote a state energy plan.
  • Provide a voice for energy-producing counties and their residents on pre and post-production matters.
  • Provide advocacy services to energy producing counties on matters exclusive to energy production.
  • Create a forum to consistently monitor producer actions and marketplace developments.
  • Maintain a platform for tracking, monitoring, and mapping of energy production and production facilities.
  • Offer meetings for energy-related educational programs for networking.

Natural Gas Resource Center of Potter County, Pa.| naturalgasresourcecenter.com